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Monday, 18 March 2013


The CF diet recommends a moderate intake of fatty foods. Why?
Because we are promoting weight loss here people, and fat is high in calories. BUT we do need to eat some fats in order for our body to work efficiently. Nerves, brain cells, skin, tissue, hormones, the transport of vitamins and minerals all need fat to function.

Healthy fats are unsaturated fats, which come from plant foods like nuts/seeds/avocado and from oily fish.

Try to stay away from saturated and trans fats which promote heart disease.
Unfortunately we live in world where portion sizes are majorly distorted. Your average bumpkin in the state of Texas might think nothing of consuming a meal 3 times the size of a Rhinoceros’ arse. I’ve been to International House of Pancakes – I’ve seen the menu.

You would be surprised at how little you need to eat in order to survive. The men and women you see on the cover of ‘Muscle Magazine’ aren’t ripped because they eat 25 steaks a day – they are most probably injecting steroids.
We actually only need 1g of protein per kg of body weight per day to sustain lean muscle. Which isn’t a right lot. So don’t be sucked in to the marketing trap of high protein food claims.

Same goes for micronutrient. Don’t go spending your wage pack at Boots on supplements, antioxidants, vitamins – you will get enough by eating a clean diet with a wide variety of fruit and veg.

No we are not suggesting you eat portions that would starve your average pet hamster. You must be sensible with your choice of food if you want to 1. Lose fat and 2. Sustain lean muscle.

“But isn’t it all about calories in and calories out?”

By all means, create a deficit in calories and you will lose weight. But eat non-nutritional foods and your body will look fucking shit. Greasy hair, flaky skin, poor muscle definition, osteoporosis, tooth decay, bad breath… the list is endless…

It is SO essential that you eat a balanced, nutritious diet. Would you rather eat 5 cheese burgers a day within your daily calorie allowance, or would you like to live to see your grandchildren and feel physically fit to handle them!?


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